If you’re marketing your business online, you need great content. I can help with that. I’m a writer in Charleston, SC and I help companies get more clients by writing website copy, blog content, articles and more that speak to their ideal customers.

Authentic web copy, blog content and marketing materials connect you to your ideal client

HOME Erin Danly Lowcountry Copywriter PortraitMy name is Erin and I live in Mount Pleasant, SC, right over the bridge from Charleston. I write for companies here in the Lowcountry and across the country, creating marketing materials that work because they’re authentic.

What do I mean by authentic? I mean writing that reflects the personality and values of the business I’m writing for.

Because, let’s face it, a lot of marketing talk sounds the same after a while, doesn’t it? “We seek to implement effective solutions by determining strategies that…” I know you’ve read stuff like that before. I certainly have. It’s all over the place! But does dull and jargony get you excited to work with these companies? Of course not. All it does is make you want to take a quick nap. So don’t be one of these companies with the anonymous marketing spiels.

Be different!

So what’s the effective solution to implement? Wait, I mean, what’s the answer?

Authentic writing!

I’d love to hear about your marketing projects and see if I can help by using authentic writing to get more clients. Check out the services I offer and look at some samples to get an idea of what I do. Lawyers and law firms can check out the attorneys page to learn more about my legal writing experience.

If you got any questions, contact me and let me have ’em.