A well-crafted email marketing campaign can grow your business, and email newsletters are some of the most cost-effective marketing tools around. If you don’t yet have a newsletter for your company, ask yourself why not. Here are just five of the ways you could benefit from a newsletter campaign.

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1. Email newsletters help make you the “go-to” company.

In a crowded marketplace with many competitors, you need to constantly remind customers that you’re here and ready to solve their problems. A newsletter is a great way to do that. It helps make you and your brand the first thing customers think of when they think of your industry.

Newsletters also help break down barriers. Have you ever gotten additional business from a customer just by asking for it? Sometimes that’s all it takes. By making that initial contact and reaching out to former or potential customers, you’re making it that much easier for them to do business with you.

2. Email newsletters establish you as an authority in your field.

In addition to helping you stay on the top of your customers’ minds, newsletters display the knowledge you have in your field and make you more credible. This also goes a long way towards establishing trust. When your customers can see that you know what you’re talking about, they’re more likely to do business with you.

You establish your authority by providing useful, interesting, and insightful content for your customers. What this does not mean is that every inch of your newsletter is a blatant advertisement for your products or services. What it does mean is that the information appeals to your customers, even if it’s not directly related to what you sell.

3. Email newsletters help you sell more products and services to fewer customers.

You’ve probably heard that it costs more money to attract a new customer than to keep an old one. Take advantage of this fact by selling more things to fewer people. You have a great advantage when pitching products or services to your current and former customers – you already know that they liked what you had to offer in the past.

Newsletters can inform customers about the breadth and depth of products and services you offer. You can promote pricier products similar to what they bought in the past, or you can tell them about a service they may not even know you offer. And by using well-placed promotions and coupons, you can give them even more incentive to try something new.

4. Email newsletters let you track how effective you are.

One of the several advantages email newsletters have over traditional newsletters is that they allow you to view, in real time, who opened your newsletter, how many times, and whether they forwarded it to anyone, among other things. You can also see what links your customers clicked on. Ideally, your content will be so compelling that your readers will want to know more. Link to a dedicated page on your site (that is, not just your home page, but a page with information relevant to the link) so that when they get there, customers will get what they came for and take action.

With this feedback you can tailor future newsletters to include more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

5. Email newsletters save you money and make you money.

Depending on the size of your list and how many messages you’re sending each month, you might be able to create and send your campaign for free. MailChimp has a “Forever Free” plan, while other biggies in the email marketing world, including Constant Contact and iContact, have free trials and low monthly fees. The costs are small when compared to the printing and mailing costs of traditional paper newsletters.

Last but not least, email newsletters make you money! By keeping you at the forefront of customers’ minds, establishing your credibility, selling more things to fewer customers, and letting you tailor your marketing campaigns, you’re greatly improving your chances at closing a sale.

Ready to make an email newsletter part of your marketing plan?

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