Although a short business bio is only 100 words long, give or take, it can be one of the hardest things you’ll have to write. I’m going to take the anxiety out of the process by showing you how to write a simple, no-frills short business bio in just five easy steps. Write one sentence for each step and you’ll end up with a basic bio you can alter and add to later on.

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Step 1: State Your Name, Title, and Location

The very first words should be your name, followed by your title and the company you work at. Optional: the location of the branch you work at, if there are several, and how many years you’ve been in this position.

Example: “Molly McCarthy is a Senior Analyst at Griffin, Farmer & Young.”

Step 2: Expand On What You Do

Describe what you do in a little more detail. Highlight your specialty, area of expertise, or target market, especially if it’s niche. If your title is vague (e.g., “Deputy Accounts Implementer”), explain what you do briefly.

Example: “Geoff Ray is head chef at Tokyo Dreams. His specialty is sushi.”

Step 3. Brag a Little

Take a sentence or two to discuss your most relevant, recent, and impressive achievements. Things you can mention in this section include awards, fellowships, media appearances, and quantifiable results from work you’ve done.

Example: “Samuel Marcella has been writing mystery novels for two decades. Samuel has written over 60 novels in the paranormal mystery genre. He was the recipient of the 2011 Helen Holyfelt Paranormal Mystery Award and is an alumnus of the Novelists’ Institute of Iowa.”

Step 4. Show Your Credentials

Include information on your licensing and formal education, especially if it is relevant to your current field. People in professions requiring licensing might mention the states in which they can practice as well as where they studied. If your education isn’t related to your current profession, you may or may not decide to include it.

Example: “Akhila Black is a massage therapist at Drift Away Day Spa. She specializes in sports massage for pregnant women. Akhila has been a frequent guest on The Dr. Rebecca Show and writes a monthly column on healthy living for Healthy! magazine. She received her training at the Connecticut School of Massage and is licensed to practice in both South Carolina and North Carolina.”

Step 5. Get Personal (But Not Too Personal)

Mention place of residence, family, hobbies, and/or volunteer work. Don’t mention anything that might be off-putting. You can also add a touch of humor here, but only if it’s appropriate for your profession. Lawyers, doctors, accountants, financial advisors and others in similarly straight-laced professions should steer clear of humor. People in more creative professions can feel free to show off a little wit, but even then, don’t overdo it.

Example: “Dr. Foreman lives in Montclair with his wife and two children and is an avid golfer in his spare time.” OR “Sally is worried that robots will take over the world soon, but until then, she’ll keep selling her finger paintings to tourists down by the docks.”

What Now?

The point of this bio is to make it as simple and as versatile as possible. Once you have it, you can lengthen it to fill the space you have, cut it down to an even denser version, switch it to first person if it’s appropriate, and add or subtract humor. Short business bios written this way can be used as is for websites (your own, or networking sites like LinkedIn), event programs (if, for example, you’re a speaker), and more.

Want to make your business bio even better? Check back tomorrow for 3 Dos and Don’ts for your business bio. And if you need help or advice on your business bio, just get in touch.

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