I want to make your life easier.

Creating your own marketing content can easily fall to the bottom of your to-do list. I get it. That’s why I’m here. I want to make the experience of working together stress-free and collaborative, because that’s how it should be.

When you hire me, you know you’ll end up with content you’re happy with, written in a tone and style suited to your brand, and based on knowledge of your target market and your marketing goals.

What makes me different from other copywriters? I believe two things.

One, I’m meticulous about research, which no doubt comes from my past experience in a research lab. I like digging into the real meat of the issue to create substantial content, especially for professionals like physicians and attorneys, whether it’s based on a medical journal article or case law or the Internal Revenue Code. Two, I’m able to take complex ideas and make them easy to understand, absent of jargon. This comes in handy when trying to interpret the real-life application of an obscure medical study or tax law.

If this sounds like the kind of copywriter you want to work with, contact me and let’s talk.

More About Me

The short business bio:

Profile picture of Erin Danly of Lowcountry Copywriter, Charleston SCErin Danly is a freelance writer based in Charleston, SC. She writes web and blog content, ebooks, articles, and other content marketing pieces for businesses and professionals. She also edits and proofreads fiction and non-fiction. She is the Immediate Past President of the Charleston chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and is the President of the Lowcountry Referral Group chapter of Business Networking International (BNI). In her free time, Erin dances tango, sings with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Chorus, and is an active playwright. She lives in Mt. Pleasant with her husband.


The real story:

In case you couldn’t tell from my dry business bio above, I’m a pretty funny person. No, really! I write comedy pieces for the theater, and I had a full-length comedy produced at South of Broadway Theatre Company in North Charleston in January 2015. Even though the writing I do for my clients is very different from the writing I do for myself, it’s all about communicating something and getting people to react – with curiosity, with anger, with laughter, with outrage, with desire. Yes, even in business.

It’s cliché for a writer to say “I always knew I wanted to be a writer,” so I’ll skip over that part, even though it’s true for me, too. But I didn’t major in English, I didn’t get an MFA, and I didn’t work on the Great American Novel for a year after college. Instead, after growing up mainly overseas in Paris and London, I majored in music at Washington University in St. Louis, moved back to Paris for six months where I studied pastry at the Ritz Escoffier in the basement of the famous hotel, then moved to Seattle where I worked at a bakery as an assistant pastry chef. I made so many macaroons for a time that I swore them off. (Luckily, I got over that.)

Couple pink macaroons

In my mid-20s, I left pastry and Seattle and moved to New York City. A book called “The Prehistory of the Mind” by Steven Mithen, about the evolution of the brain and the emergence of consciousness, set me on a new path. I started taking classes in comparative psychology at Columbia University, where I soon got a job as the lab manager of the Primate Cognition Lab. There we worked with rhesus macaques,  using touch screen computers to learn about the cognitive abilities that non-verbal animals like monkeys have.

I moved to Charleston in 2011 with a new goal in mind. Charleston was a beautiful place, so I’d heard; I’d never visited before and I didn’t know anyone in the area prior to moving here. And luckily for me, it turned out to be true – it’s a beautiful city filled with friendly, interesting people. It’s here I met my husband, here I bought my first home, and here I adopted my first dog, a beautiful greyhound named Romeo. It’s here I finally became a writer, like I’d always wanted to be.

Now you’ve heard my story – I look forward to hearing yours. Get in touch and tell me all about you.