Your Home Page is Your Storefront

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Think of your home page like a storefront. If your company had a brick-and-mortar location, what would the storefront look like? What would you like your customers to see immediately when they come in? How would you want your customers to feel as they step inside? That’s how to think about your home page on … [Read more…]

Content Marketing: What is it Good For?

Brown chess pieces lined up on a black and white chess board

(Hint: the Answer is Not “Absolutely Nothing”) Last month, I wrote about creating a strategy for your content. And last year I wrote about how the keys to writing effective content and ways to avoid writing awful content, plus I shared 21 prompts for coming up with content. But let’s back up a minute – … [Read more…]

21 Prompts for Content Creation

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If you’ve decided to jump into content marketing, you might be wondering how to continually come up with topics for all the content you’ll be producing. Here are 21 ways to help you generate great ideas. Provide Information 1. Your Business “101” Say your good friend came to you and said she wanted to get … [Read more…]

Should You Write Your Own Copy?

Close up of a handyman wearing a toolbelt

Yes, you can do your own taxes, shingle your own roof, and extract your own teeth, but should you? The truth is that unless you’re an accountant/roofer/dentist, you don’t have the expertise. And unless you’re a web copywriter, the same is true for web copywriting. The quiz below will help you determine if you know … [Read more…]

5 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert

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Being perceived as an expert makes you more desirable to work with in the eyes of your prospective clients. Making yourself more visible in different arenas shows them that you know your stuff, and in their minds you become the “go-to” guy or gal. That means more clients – or the pick of clients – … [Read more…]

You Should Write a Book

Female Author At Her Book Signing is sitting at a wood desk

Adding “author” after your name is not just an impressive accomplishment, it’s great for your business. Writing a book – an actual, physical, real book – on a topic you have expertise in is an excellent way to gain credibility, increase exposure, and generate leads. For you non-writers out there, the great thing is that … [Read more…]