“Everyday” vs. “every day”

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Is it “everyday” or “every day”? “Sometimes” or “some times”? “Maybe” or “may be”? It can be hard to know which is right. Here’s a brief guide to choosing the right one. Everyday versus Every day Everyday means commonplace, normal, or regular. Use if: you can replace “everyday” with “normal” in your sentence and it … [Read more…]

4 Copywriting Must-Dos

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Sometimes the task of writing copy falls to you. Maybe you don’t have time to farm the work out to a copywriter, or maybe you don’t have the resources. Either way, I’m betting you’re also not especially interested in learning the ins and outs of copywriting. That’s why I’ve boiled it down to 4 essential … [Read more…]

So What Exactly is a Copywriter?

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When I tell someone I’m a copywriter, I get one of two reactions. Sometimes it’s “Oh, great! I’ve been looking for one!” (I like that reaction.) More frequently, it’s “Huh? What’s that?” In short, a copywriter writes materials for businesses, like website copy, brochures, and customer newsletters. The narrow definition includes only advertising materials. The … [Read more…]

Use Quotation Marks “Correctly”

Incorrect quotation marks - Paper saying "No" receipt paper stuck on metro ticket vending machine

It’s “No” Problem! For such a common punctuation mark, the quotation mark is responsible for many, many mistakes. Some of them are confusing. Some of them are funny. But we encounter them on a daily basis, so it’s time to learn how to use them correctly! Here are three correct ways to use quotation marks, … [Read more…]