Your Home Page is Your Storefront

modern fashion shop storefront and showcase

Think of your home page like a storefront. If your company had a brick-and-mortar location, what would the storefront look like? What would you like your customers to see immediately when they come in? How would you want your customers to feel as they step inside? That’s how to think about your home page on … [Read more…]

Should You Write Your Own Copy?

Close up of a handyman wearing a toolbelt

Yes, you can do your own taxes, shingle your own roof, and extract your own teeth, but should you? The truth is that unless you’re an accountant/roofer/dentist, you don’t have the expertise. And unless you’re a web copywriter, the same is true for web copywriting. The quiz below will help you determine if you know … [Read more…]

4 Copywriting Must-Dos

Red hardcover books beside a laptop computer, open notebook, pens and eyeglasses

Sometimes the task of writing copy falls to you. Maybe you don’t have time to farm the work out to a copywriter, or maybe you don’t have the resources. Either way, I’m betting you’re also not especially interested in learning the ins and outs of copywriting. That’s why I’ve boiled it down to 4 essential … [Read more…]

So What Exactly is a Copywriter?

Light green typewriter

When I tell someone I’m a copywriter, I get one of two reactions. Sometimes it’s “Oh, great! I’ve been looking for one!” (I like that reaction.) More frequently, it’s “Huh? What’s that?” In short, a copywriter writes materials for businesses, like website copy, brochures, and customer newsletters. The narrow definition includes only advertising materials. The … [Read more…]