Write Your Business Bio In 5 Easy Steps

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Although a short business bio is only 100 words long, give or take, it can be one of the hardest things you’ll have to write. I’m going to take the anxiety out of the process by showing you how to write a simple, no-frills short business bio in just five easy steps. Write one sentence … [Read more…]

Make Your Writing More Readable

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Want to improve your writing? Improving the readability of your text is a good place to start. When you focus on how readable your writing is, you’re really thinking about your reader. If your prose is easy to read, your reader is more likely to stick around and read it. (Which means that if you’re … [Read more…]

So What Exactly is a Copywriter?

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When I tell someone I’m a copywriter, I get one of two reactions. Sometimes it’s “Oh, great! I’ve been looking for one!” (I like that reaction.) More frequently, it’s “Huh? What’s that?” In short, a copywriter writes materials for businesses, like website copy, brochures, and customer newsletters. The narrow definition includes only advertising materials. The … [Read more…]