Close up of a handyman wearing a toolbelt

Do you have the right tools to DIY your copy?

Yes, you can do your own taxes, shingle your own roof, and extract your own teeth, but should you? The truth is that unless you’re an accountant/roofer/dentist, you don’t have the expertise. And unless you’re a web copywriter, the same is true for web copywriting.

The quiz below will help you determine if you know enough about the subject and should write your own copy, or if you’d benefit from the help of an expert. After all, many times we don’t know what we don’t know.

Should You Write Your Own Website Copy?

1. What does “features versus benefits” mean, and how does it relate to writing persuasive copy?

2. What is the ideal readability level, and how do you attain it?

3. What are meta descriptions, meta tags, and alt tags, and how do various search engines handle them?

4. What’s the most effective word to use in a call to action?

5. Can you find the errors in the following sentence? “Its very good to  be knowledgable, about the subject your writing on.”

If you don’t know all the answers to these questions, you could definitely use the help of someone who knows how to make your web copy work. Get some help by contacting me at Lowcountry Copywriter.

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