When I tell someone I’m a copywriter, I get one of two reactions. Sometimes it’s “Oh, great! I’ve been looking for one!” (I like that reaction.) More frequently, it’s “Huh? What’s that?”

In short, a copywriter writes materials for businesses, like website copy, brochures, and customer newsletters. The narrow definition includes only advertising materials. The broader definition includes things like white papers, press releases, guidelines, video scripts, and more. 2012-12-23 Lowcountry Copywriter Green Typewriter(Note that a copywriter does not have anything to do with copyrighting works.)

So what value does a copywriter bring to a business?

Now you know what a copywriter does – maybe you’re wondering why someone would choose to hire one. Good question!

A good copywriter will give you many benefits. He or she will:

  • write what you need so you don’t have to deal with it;
  • write it persuasively so that you are more likely to make a sale; and
  • make you look more professional by ensuring your spelling, grammar, and syntax are impeccable.

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